Personalised Learning

Everyone learns differently. We understand this principle. This is what makes us different. We find out your language learning needs and style during your free trial lesson,  and we then create a tailored course just for you!

This method has proven to cut down learning times, ensuring our students learn English in a way that not only suits them, but ensures that proficiency comes with ease.

Unique methodology to Learn English online

Over the years we have developed a communicative style of teaching that is 100% conversational to enable you to gain proficiency levels in English in a short period of time. This method has proved to be particularly successful when learning through an online medium like Skype.

Why learn online?

Online learning (or e-learning) is the future. And rightly so! Life gets busy. Finding time to attend classes whilst paying the bills is now possible – thanks to online learning!

We have chosen to use Skype as our classroom because its free for you to download, and is easy to use. Its also an excellent video conferencing suite with lots of excellent features suitable for teaching you English!

Free Culture and Context Classes

We LIVE AND WORK IN AN ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY, enabling us to enhance your lessons with  cultural idiosyncrasies of the English language spoken in Europe and the USA

So not only will you learn English, but you will learn about the culture, customs and curiosities of Europe and the USA.

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